Early Implementer Incentives

License Fees waived for the first year

The first 3 organizations that pass the tests, while the test is in beta have their license fees waived for the first year. This can range from hundreds to thousands of dollards depending on the organization. Learn more about license fees here.

List of specifications whose test suites are still in beta can be accessed at the TEAM Engine Beta Site. If you are interested to be an early implementer send an email to compliance AT opengeosptial.org.

Why do we waived the fees?

Implementations are required to make the test official for OGC to grant certifications. Before an OGC test suite is released and available for certification, OGC requires any of the two conditions:

  1. Three implemenations pass the test. 
  2. One implementation pass the test and the test has been in beta for 6 months.

The implementatios need to come from an OGC member.

Until that time the test suite is considered a test in beta. Once any of the conditions are reached, the test suite is voted by the technical committee and the test is made available to the general public.