New TEAM Engine Release - 4.0 RC - June 4 2013

A new TEAM Engine has been relesed: 4.0 RC.


* Fixed issue not reporting correctly inherited failures.
* [core] Warning verdict in subtest no longer 'taints' result of parent test.
* [web] Uploaded file is placed in test session directory (fix for CITE-808).
* [web] Removed config/home property in TE_BASE/config.xml (use servlet API instead)
* [web] GetStatus polling interval increased to 4s from 1s.  

The following tests were updated:

* wms-1.3.0-r6 (includes new FPS profile)
* sps-2.0.0-r6
* kml22-2.2-r3 (promoted to beta status)
If you encounter any issues please report them to the cite forum.