Build Web Server

Build instructions for performing local tests.

Note: This instructions apply for TEAM Engine 3.0. TEAM Engine 4.0 Beta have been mavenized and building of the code is different. More details at Sourceforge.

Build prerequisites

  • JAVA JDK 1.6 or greater. You can download JAVA from here.
  • Have Tomcat Installed.
  • Be able to run Apache Ant builds. More information about ANT here. Most of the IDE tools like Eclipse and Netbeans already have built in this capability.

Get the TEAM Engine Source Code

Checkout theTEAM Engine code from Sourceforge

You should have a layout similar to the figure bellow.

Copy the TEST scripts in the scripts folder

The scripts folder in the TEAM Engine Sourceforge code comes without any test scripts. Scripts are maintained at the OGC SVN and are periodically copied to the following: zip file (~ 10 MB). Example of two tests copied under the scripts folder is shown bellow.


  1. Create file similar to the following:
    • Open and replace it with correct directory paths for userdir, workdir and tomcat. 
    • Rename it to 
  2. Run build.xml with ANT. You should see a positive build message as follows:

    The build creates a build folder that contains a folder where the war file is found, as follows: