OGC TEAM ENGINE Production Release 2014-04-23


TEAM Engine

This release works with TEAM Engine 4.0.5

CSW 2.0.2

From revision r8 to r10

  • CITE-582 removed the "not-matching" id from the test
  • CITE-901 amended describeRecord schemalocation check in Capabilities.sch
  • Clarified documentation of csw:csw-2.0.2-GetCapabilities-tc1.1

Tested with:

GML 3.2.1

From revision r11 to r15

  • Added missing assertion regarding metadata property value (must be declared in application namespace).
  • Added support for dereferencing shorthand pointers in GML properties (@xlink:href attributes).
  • Updated dependencies (schema-utils, geomatics-geotk).
  • Modified unit tests to run without a network connection.
  • Added tests for gml:Polygon and gml:Surface geometries containing the following types of surface patch: PolygonPatch, Triangle, Rectangle (in org.opengis.cite.iso19136.data.spatial.SurfaceTests).
  • Added tests for gml:Curve geometries containing the following types of curve segment: GeodesicString/Geodesic, ArcString/Arc/Circle, ArcByCenterPoint/CircleByCenterPoint.
  • Added tests for gml:CompositeCurve, gml:OrientableCurve. Updated dependency: geomatics-geotk-1.4.

Tested with:

SOS 1.0

From revision r9 to r12

  • Fixed xlink dependencies
  • CITE-908:Fixed sosFunctions:describeSensor schemaFile parameter value = "'xsd/ogc/sensorML/1.0.1/sensorML.xsd'" (Got value from capabilities before).
  • CITE-894: Fixed sos:general-SOS.General-InvalidRequest.1 error.

SOS 2.0

From revision r6 to r7

  • Fixed xlink dependencies

SPS 1.0

From revision r4 to r5

  • Fixed xlink dependencies

SPS 2.0

From revision r7 to r8

  • Fixed xlink dependencies

SQL(SFS) 1.1

Current version r3. No changes.

SQL(SFS) 1.2.1

Current version r3. No changes.

WCS 1.0.0

From revision r5 to r6

  • CITE-919: Added function wcs:coords-from-envelope to extract coordinates from gml:Envelope (wcs-functions.xml).
  • Fixed VARWCSCOVERAGE1POSITIONFIRST and VARWCSCOVERAGE1POSITIONSECOND variables to allow for multiple occurrences of gml:Envelope (in wcs:spatialDomain context).
  • CITE-778: Encode coverage names using XPath function encode-for-uri.
  • Fixed type restriction error in 1.0.0_c1/wcsCapabilities.xsd (AbstractDescriptionBaseType).

WCS 1.1.1

Current version r1. No changes.

WCS 2.01

Current version r6. No changes.

WFS 1.0.0

Current version r7. No changes.

WFS 1.1.0

From revision r13 to r17

  • Accepted 6215 commit - Resolving CITE-898 issue (BBOX in WSG84).
  • Fixed issue CITE 914, 916 - XSLT compile issue due to a text comment.
  • Added a note in the welcome main form to the reference implementation page.
  • CITE-855 - tests with invalid version parameter fails when server supports WFS 2.0
  • CITE-875 - HTTP-Get encoding with special chars
  • CITE-915 - check if idgen is supported for transactions
  • CITE 898 - Reversed fix for 898 until WG provides better guidance.
  • CITE-898 (BBOX in WGS84).

WFS 2.0

From revision r12 to r15

  • Fix CITE-944: InsertResults/UpdateResults/ReplaceResults.
  • Fix CITE-925: Infinite loop in selectRandomFeatureType.
  • Fixed CITE-924: Check if the (embedded) Derby database exists and contains EPSG tables; if not, create them.
  • Resolved CITE-890: updateGMLName test fails.

WMS 1.1.1

From revision r3 to r5

  • Fixed CITE-913: Image parser for wms:wmsops-getmap-params-exceptions-5 and wms:wmsops-getmap-params-exceptions-6
  • Fixed CITE-892: Invalid requests
  • Fixed CITE-891: Color and alpha tests fail
  • Fixed CITE-886: DTD does not match
  • Fixed CITE-828: Broken SRS parameter in some tests
  • Fixed CITE-904: Invalid layer/style combinations

WMS 1.3.0

From revision r7 to r8

  • Fixed 912 handling of queryable attribute in GFI requests.