This test suite is based on the OGC WMTS 1.0 Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and the following specifications:

What is tested

The KVP GET binding profile is tested for the following conformance classes:

  • Common Operations (Mandatory)
  • GetCapabilities (Mandatory)
  • GetTile (Mandatory)

The server under test must support the GetCapabilities operation request in either the KVP GET or RESTful protocol binding, so that the capabilities response XML document may be analyzed during a bootstrap process to determine which protocol bindings are supported and which test prerequisites are met by the server.

What is not tested

  • WMTS Client capabilities are not tested
  • Mandatory If Implemented group of tests

Test data

Test data consists of one image, noDataSquare.png. The configuration of the server under test must be modified as described in the release notes so that so that noDataSquare.png is returned in response to a GetTile request for layer TransparentNodata style Default_style format image/png tileMatrixSet TransparentNodata tileMatrix 0 row 0 col 0.

Release Notes

Release notes are available here.