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This web testing facility provides a testing service for OGC standards as part of the OGC Compliance Program (CITE). This is the beta test installation that provides the latest test suites, including those that have not yet been finalized. The official testing site is available here.

If you have any questions, issues, or great ideas please raise them at the CITE forum, where experts and enthusiasts will join the discussion and provide help. You can find more information about the tests and this testing facility at the main CITE website. If you are thinking about developing a reference implementation please email us at <compliance at>.

Available test suites

Specification Version Test Suite Revision Status
Catalogue Service - Web (CSW) 2.0.2 r10 Final
Geography Markup Language (GML) 3.2.1 3.2.1-r15 Beta
Sensor Observation Service (SOS) 1.0.0 r12 Final
Sensor Observation Service (SOS) 2.0 r7 Final
Sensor Planning Service (SPS) 1.0 r5 Final
Sensor Planning Service (SPS) 2.0 r8 Final
Simple Feature Access - SQL (SFS) 1.1 r3 Final
Simple Feature Access - SQL (SFS) 1.2.1 r3 Final
Web Coverage Service (WCS) 1.0.0 r6 Final
Web Coverage Service (WCS) 1.1.1 r1 Final
Web Coverage Service (WCS) 2.0.1 r6 Final
Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.0.0 r7 Final
Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.1.0 r17 Final
Web Feature Service (WFS) 2.0 2.0-r15 Beta
Web Map Service (WMS) 1.1.1 r5 Final
Web Map Service (WMS) 1.3.0 r8 Final

TEAM Engine 4.0.5

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the site administrator.