WCS 2.0 compliance test suite


This Executable Test Suite (ETS) verifies the conformance of WCS 2.0 services. The services should be accessed through WCS GetCapabilities and DescribeCoverage using the HTTP KVP, POST, and/or SOAP protocol bindings, and GetCoverage using the HTTP KVP binding. The GetCoverage response should be provided as a GML coveage instance document.

Test coverage

In this test suite all mandatory conformance requirements are checked, and every instance document is thoroughly validated against all referenced XML schemas. Table 1 below provides the names of the conformance classes, references to the relevant clause in the abstract test suite (ATS) in Annex A, and information about its implementation status.

Conformance class coverage
Conformance class ATS reference Availability
Core OGC 09-110r4 A.1 Yes
Post OGC 09-148r1 A.1 Yes
Processing OGC 08-059r4 A.1 Yes
Scaling OGC 12-039 A.1 Yes
Interpolation OGC 12-049 A.1 Yes
Record subsetting OGC 12-040 A.1 Yes
CRS OGC 11-053 A.1-A.3 Yes
EOWCS OGC 10-140 A.1-A.3 Yes

Test requirements

The documents listed below stipulate requirements that must be satisfied by a conforming application schema.

General requirements for the implementation:

  1. At least one protocol implementation should be available and advertised in the GetCapabilities response.
  2. The implementation provides at least two coverages.
  3. The first coverage offering should be a RectifiedGridCoverage with at least 2 dimensions, while the second coverage can be any coverage.
  4. Do not use CoverageId_Bogus as a coverage ID, format_bogus as a format name, mediatype_bogus for the mediatype parameter, or dimension_bogus as an axis name.
  5. The offered coverage must be implemented according to the GMLCov specification (09-146r2).

Test data

Sample coverages can be found at http://schemas.opengis.net/wcs/2.0/examples.


The schemas for ows can be found at http://schemas.opengis.net/ows/2.0.

The schemas for wcs can be found at http://schemas.opengis.net/wcs/2.0.