This test suite is based on the following OGC specifications:

  • Web Feature Service Implementation Specification, version 1.1.0 OGC 04-094
  • Filter Encoding Implementation Specification, version 1.1.0 OGC 04-095
  • OpenGIS Web Services Common Specification, version 1.0.0 OGC 05-008c1
  • Geography Markup Language (GML) – Simple features profile, version 1.0.0 OGC 06-049r1

What is tested

Four conformance classes can be tested.

  • Basic conformance class (Requires no test data)
    • GetCapabilities, GET and POST methods
    • DescribeFeature, GET and POST methods
    • GetFeature, GET and POST methods
  • Transaction conformance class (Requires test data)
    • Transaction, POST method
  • Locking conformance class (Requires test data)
    • LockFeature, POST method
    • GetFeatureWithLock, POST method
  • XLink conformance class (Requires test data)

The Basic conformane class is the minimum class to get OGC certification and the test is data agnostic. WFS-Transaction, WFS-Locking and WFS-XLink requires test data that needs to be added before executing the test.

The test, including the test data, is based on simple features profile (i.e. levels SF-0 and SF-1). GML complex properties conforming to SF-2 are not tested.

The Abstract Test Suite (ATS) is available here.

What is not tested

  • SOAP protocol bindings
  • Feature versioning
  • Spatial predicates Beyond, DWithin (broken filter schema)
  • Full GML 3.1.1 compliance (uses GMLSF 1.0 profile, Levels 0 and 1)

Test data for Full test

The WFS-1.1.0 test data are available for GMLSF levels 0 and 1. Loading the feature data into the datastore is a precondition for compliance testing.