This test suite is based on the following OGC specifications:

  • Web Feature Service Implementation Specification, version 1.1.0 OGC 04-094
  • Filter Encoding Implementation Specification, version 1.1.0 OGC 04-095
  • OpenGIS Web Services Common Specification, version 1.0.0 OGC 05-008c1
  • Geography Markup Language (GML) – Simple features profile, version 1.0.0 OGC 06-049r1

What is tested

Four conformance classes can be tested.

  • Basic conformance class (Requires no test data)
    • GetCapabilities, GET and POST methods
    • DescribeFeature, GET and POST methods
    • GetFeature, GET and POST methods
  • Transaction conformance class (Requires test data)
    • Transaction, POST method
  • Locking conformance class (Requires test data)
    • LockFeature, POST method
    • GetFeatureWithLock, POST method
  • XLink conformance class (Requires test data)

The Basic conformane class is the minimum class to get OGC certification and the test is data agnostic. WFS-Transaction, WFS-Locking and WFS-XLink requires test data that needs to be added before executing the test. The Locking conformance class expects that the feature types sf:PrimitiveGeoFeature, sf:AggregateGeoFeature and sf:EntitéGénérique are lockable. It is not checked if locking is enabled per feature type or not.

The test, including the test data, is based on simple features profile (i.e. levels SF-0 and SF-1). GML complex properties conforming to SF-2 are not tested.

The Abstract Test Suite (ATS) is available here.

What is not tested

  • SOAP protocol bindings
  • Feature versioning
  • Spatial predicates Beyond, DWithin (broken filter schema)
  • Full GML 3.1.1 compliance (uses GMLSF 1.0 profile, Levels 0 and 1)

Test data for Full test

The WFS-1.1.0 test data are available for GMLSF levels 0 and 1. Loading the feature data into the datastore is a precondition for compliance testing.