Release Notes OGC WMTS 1.0 Test Suite

1.0 (2016-12)

  • Issue #33 - Prepare Tag 1.0 - Test got approved by OGC TC
  • Issue #34 - Remove not approved profiles for 1.0

0.7 (2016-09-07)

Note: It requires TEAM Engine 4.8 or newer.

  • Integrated Pull Request PR #28 Commented the test which has the type ’MandatoryIfImplemented
  • Fix issue #24: Server.RESTful.HTTP.Mandatory test does not work with self-declaring service
  • Fix issue #13: Unsupported image formats cause test failures (wmts:Server.KVP.GET.GetTile.Valid.Tile.Size)

0.6 (2015-07-30)

  • Integrated Pull Request #23: rename duplicate function
  • Update pom.xml to build with Maven 2

0.5 (2015-03-25)

  • Starting this revision, the revision number will follow the conventions described in the wiki
  • Fix issue #16: Incorrect exceptionCode.
  • Fix issue #15: Test wmts:Server.KVP.GET.GetFeatureInfo.Mandatory uses incorrect format in request.
  • Fix issue #14: image/png8 tests failed in WMTS.
  • Fix issue #10: text\html and text\plain not working in KVP valid infoformat test
  • Fix issue #8: Misspelled exception code in Invalid InfoFormat test

r4 (2014-11-03)

  • Fix issue #6: Validating exception reports is very slow
  • Fix issue #5: GetFeatureInfo response entity is expected to be an XML resource
  • Integrated Pull Request #1: Modify test coverage such that that only capabilities from the ATS are tested. In particular, the following tests were removed:

    • GetCapabilities.Response.No.Layers.OtherSource
    • GetCapabilities.Response.Style.Identifiers.Unique
    • GetCapabilities.Response.Dimension.Identifiers.Unique
    • GetFeatureInfo.Invalid.SampleDimension.Name
    • GetTile.Invalid.SampleDimension.Name
    • GetFeatureInfo.Invalid.Tile.Row.No.TileMatrixSetLimits
    • GetFeatureInfo.Invalid.Tile.Col.No.TileMatrixSetLimits
    • GetFeatureInfo.Missing.Optional
    • GetTile.Missing.Optional
    • GetTile.Invalid.Tile.Row.No.TileMatrixSetLimits
    • GetTile.Invalid.Tile.Col.No.TileMatrixSetLimitsAnd the following tests were simplified:
    • GetTile (SOAP, REST bindings)
    • GetTile.Mandatory (KVP, XML bindings)
    • GetTile.Optional (KVP, XML bindings)
    • GetTile.Valid.Tile.Format (XML binding)
    • GetTile.Invalid.Tile.Format (XML binding)
    • GetTile.Valid.Tile.Size (XML binding)
    • GetFeatureInfo (KVP, XML, SOAP, REST bindings)
  • Adopt Apache Maven as the build tool and modify the directory layout accordingly.
  • Add capabilities.url parameter to wmts:main test (display main input form only if this is not set).

r3 (2013-10-28)

  • [CITE-858] Check Content-Type header in GetCapabilities response for XML media type.
  • [CITE-846] Configuration elements in the (bootstrap) element written to the test logs have a boolean (text) value.
  • [CITE-830] In owsFunctions:KVP.GetCapabilities.Request.UpdateSequence: Modify the Unicode code point value of the first character in the updateSequence string.
  • Allow upload of capabilities document.

r2 (2013-06-12)

  • [CITE-781] If TileRow or TileCol is out of range the expected exception code is “TileOutOfRange” (wmtsFunctions.xml).
  • [CITE-777] Allow for ows:Constraint to appear as child of ows:Operation in capabilities document (bootstrap.xml, owsFunctions.xml).
  • Ignore GetEncoding operation constraint as there are no alternatives to KVP (in bootstrap.xml).

r1 (2013-02-09)

  • Updated config.xml for TEAM-Engine v4.
  • Set wmtsSchemaType = “resource” (classpath reference) instead of “file”.
  • Fixed XPath errors reported by Saxon: Cannot compare xs:boolean to xs:string.
  • In wmtsFunctions:printSelected: starts-with() arguments must be string values.
  • Added local copies of WMTS 1.0.1 schemas.
  • Issue “skipped” verdict if profile not supported (otherwise displays empty test selection screen).