Purpose: A request with no TypeName elements shall produce a response that includes definitions of all supported feature types in the requested schema language

Test method

Execute the following Test Steps:

  • Send the following DescribeFeatureType request by POST:

<wfs:DescribeFeatureType service="WFS" xmlns:wfs="" version="1.1.0"> </wfs:DescribeFeatureType> * Send following GetCapabilities reuqest by GET: wfs.GetCapabilities.get.url?request=GetCapabilities&version=1.1.0&service=WFS * Compare occurences of FeatureType names within both responses.


Reference(s): OGC 04-094, 8.1, p.24

Test type: Automated


former ETS tc: wfs:wfs-1.1.0-Basic-DescribeFeatureType-tc11.1

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