Get Help

If you have an issue passing the test or question about the compliance process, you can directly contact (phone or email)  the Director of the Compliance Program, Luis Bermudez, or  send an email to the Compliance Forum where more experts will help you.

Compliance Forum

The cite-forum is where software developers discuss issues and solutions related to OGC tests. This forum is used for:

  • Information about starting a new test suite
  • Reporting an issue when an implementation is not passing the test and the developer is not clear about what the problem might be.
  • Discussions of problems found when using TEAM Engine, for example when using locally
  • Discussions of new features for TEAM Engine
  • Discussions of new tests enhancements
  • Announcing of new beta and production releases of TEAM Engine
  • Submission of bugs when using TEAM Engine or test scripts

We appreciate very much to let us know, via this list, of any issue you have with any aspect of the testing process.

Links to the list:

CITE Subcommittee Mailing List

This list is used for:

  • Discussion of Policies
  • Discussion of Road map
  • Discussions of Strategies
  • Discussion of the Agenda for the TC meetings

Issue Tracker

If you want to submit an issue related to a test or the testing tool, you can do as an OGC member via the portal or using the public interface. It's also a good resource to check if your problem is already being addressed.