Reference Implementations


A Reference Implementation is a (from OGC Compliance Testing Program Policies & Procedures 08-134r9)

  • fully functional, licensed copy of a tested, branded software that
  • has passed the test for an associated conformance class in a version of an Implementation Standard and that
  • is free and publicly available for testing via a web service or download.

For how long?

About the duration and status of a Reference Implementation:

  • The status is good for one year.
  • The implementation needs to be retested every year and pass the test to maintain its status as Reference Implementation.


The Reference Implementation does not need to pass all the conformance classes within the standard. In most of the cases, the Reference Implementation will pass at least the core and possibly some number of extension conformance classes.

How many?

Multiple reference implementations can exist for an associated version of an Implementation Standard. OGC Staff after reviewing the results and checking the public interface of the software will determine if the implementation can be a reference implementation.

Where do they live?

OGC will make its best effort to host Reference Implementations on an OGC server. This is not always the case. Organizations some times prefer to host the Reference Implementations on their own site. This simplifies maintenance and can help marketing of their sofware.

How to become one?

Easy. Start the process by sending an email to compliance AT

Current Reference Implementations

The reference implementations can be found on the CITE Github wiki.